Oyun Portal - Sarp Atilla - Garbarius - ONEO

Project Details

Sarp Atilla reaches to 500K+ gamers and his mobile app has 75K+ downloads. Garbarius reaches to 500K+ gamers and his mobile app has 65K+ downloads. Oyun Portal reaches to 1.5M+ gamers and his mobile app has 300K+ downloads. The project begins with surveys on each YouTuber’s mobile applications. On the survey, YouTubers ask for user’s favorite game. A live-stream broadcast is planned on each YouTuber’s mobile application and Youtubers play the game chosen by their audience on their mobile app survey. During live streaming which last for 60 minutes, a counter is displayed on the screen and the YouTuber chews the Oneo 60 to show the freshness of Oneo 60. The live streaming records for 3 YouTubers uploaded on their Youtube channel.

Key Campaign Results

  • 16.000+
    Mobile App Survey Responses

  • 23K+
    Unique Live Viewers

  • 43K+
    Messages Sent

  • 5.2M+
    Notifications Sent


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